Local Commercial Relocation

Local Commercial Relocation

US Pro Logistics provides professional Commercial Relocation for any type of business.
Office relocation requires attention to all details for a smooth process and we got you covered with that!

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Schedule your virtual or in person visual inspection (strongly recommended)
Choose more convenient relocation day and time

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Visual inspection is FREE of charge and  it will help us to find out:

  • detailed survey of the items that need to be relocated

  • quantity of the packing materials and boxes

  • access type (elevator access and availability)

  • special equipment

  • building requirements

After Visual Inspection US Pro Logistics will be ready to provide you with your  Moving Plan and Estimate for the service.

  • Choose more convenient relocation day and time

  • Get your service done!

We got you covered with:

  • Free month of Storage included in the rate!

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Supervisor on site with every commercial relocation!