US Pro Logistics is a licensed, insured, and bonded moving company based in the state of California.

The foreman will inform the customer when the team is ready to start the job at the site of origin as well as when the job has been completed at the destination site.

We charge a one time Gas/Travel Fee to cover our expenses for fuel and driving time to get to the first location and get back from the destination to the company’s warehouse. The amount of the fee depends on the mileage.

“Double drive time” is the time that it takes the driver to get from the origin site to the destination site. This time is multiplied by two if the pick up and drop off locations are over 45 miles away from each other. In such cases, the DDT will be added to the quote.

We accept all major credit cards, postal money orders, cashier’s checks and cash. We offer 5% OFF for cash payments. Transaction fee on credit card payments may apply. Personal checks are not acceptable.

Our minimum time requirement for service is 3 hrs. If your move totals less than 3 hrs, your final bill will be charged as the 3 hrs.

Yes, there are some items that we reserve the right to refuse relocating. Please consult the list below. If you’re not sure if your item falls into these categories, we’d be happy to advise you.

  • Guns
  • Drugs (pharmaceutical or recreational)
  • Hazardous materials